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Standard Terms and Conditions for your Contracts and Online

If you don’t have strong terms and conditions, when things go wrong you might stand to lose everything which includes yours and your family’s security. Imagine the stress! And there’s no need to put yourself into this position. If you pay a good lawyer to prepare terms and conditions designed for the needs of your business, you should minimise your exposure to risk and the amount for which you can be sued. This can be reduced to a manageable level that’s covered by insurance.
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We take time to understand your industry and the unique way you operate within that industry. A couple of our focuses are ensuring you have strong and effective payment provisions and limiting the amount for which you can be sued.

At the same time, it is important that your terms and conditions are fair to both parties. After-all, we don’t want to destroy a new business relationship by presenting unnecessarily harsh terms and conditions. If your customers look upon your terms and conditions favourably they are more likely to sign quickly, with minimal negotiation. You don’t have to be mean to your customers in order to protect your interests.

If you want to publish your terms and conditions online or you want to load them onto a mobile device, we will design them appropriately for that purpose. Some businesses take a risk by copying terms and conditions of another business that is similar to theirs. This can be dangerous. What if they had copied them from another business? What if they are written for the laws of another country? They will not protect you when things go wrong. You put your business at risk if you fail to invest in getting the best terms and conditions for your business.

Why TopNotch Legal

We tailor your contract terms specifically for your business. Your business is unique, unless it’s a franchise, and requires it’s own unique terms and conditions to give you the best protection.

We will include clauses that will protect your business to the extent the law allows at the time we draft your contracts.

Got Questions?

Please feel free to reach out to our team at Topnotch Legal and we will provide you with the best solution.

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