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Because of the risky nature of IT, it is important to ensure you have properly drawn clauses limiting your liability and exposure under indemnities. There have been far reaching changes in the law dealing with these issues over the past few years so it is important to ensure your agreements are up-to-date.  On the other hand, you may be a business person who is seeking disaster recovery or some other IT service and we can help you with reviewing any agreement you are required to sign.

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We are experienced in negotiating to ensure the rights and obligations of the parties are evenly balanced – not all one-sided in favour of the supplier. We have worked with several owners of data centres to provide the documentation required. These transactions often involve several aspects from leasing or buying the property, construction or renovation of the building with subcontracts for various service providers, the use of the space whether in a shared or exclusive environment by users of the date centre services, security and confidentiality documentation.

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