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We are committed to helping our clients’ businesses flourish through wise legal counsel and developing strong, long-term relationships built on trust.


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Who We Are

Glenda has around 30 years’ experience in the legal profession working always in commercial law, assisting businesses to grow and be successful. She has worked for small businesses and very large businesses with turnover exceeding many millions.  For extended periods she worked in commercial leasing and construction acting on behalf of large retailers and other corporations in several states of Australia. For other extended periods she has focused on IT Law.


Glenda has worked both in traditional law firms and in-house for large corporations. Through her in-house experiences, she learned to keep a commercial focus to her work, always weighing up the importance of protecting client’s legally but at the same time questioning this against commercial reality.

Our Services

IT Contracts

We have a heap of experience in the information technology industry and can help you by providing agreements for disaster recovery, managed services, maintenance, cloud based services, software development, cyber security and data centres whether you are the operator or a user of the services.

Business Structures

The two main reasons why you need to carefully consider what is the appropriate structure for your business are:
1. Risk of exposure to liability and the ability to minimise that exposure
2. Taxation considerations which may also include the desire to distribute income and assets to family members

Buying/Selling Business

Many complexities are involved in buying or selling a business. If you’re buying you have to make sure you actually get what you’re paying for and there could be many things involved such as taking over the employees, plant, equipment, customer contracts, domain names, branding, registrations, a lease and so on.

Standards Terms and Conditions

Good standard terms and conditions with your customers are one of the most important foundations of your business. They have the ability to make or break your business. And because almost all businesses are unique (with the exception of franchises) just as you are unique, it is important to have terms and conditions that are tailor-made to your business to give you the best protection.

Commercial/Retail Leases

We can help you with your leasing needs whether it be for an individual office or office building, warehouse, factory, data centre, business park, retail store or shopping centre, to give a few examples. We have a wealth of experience with leasing. You must be careful to ensure you don’t mistake a retail lease for a commercial lease, because different laws apply. And, of course, the needs of a landlord are different from those of a tenant.

Tradies Contracts

Are you a tradie who needs help with the paperwork? Many in the trades are not comfortable with paperwork and tend to avoid it hoping it will go away. Having helped many in the trades, we understand this and are here to help. We can draw up terms and conditions that you will understand or help you review a contract before you sign it.

Resolving Commercial Disputes

Disputes can arise in many areas of business but fundamentally either internally or externally. Internally amongst the business owners or members of staff and externally with customers or suppliers. If you have a dispute with a customer or supplier the very last thing you want is to end up in a Court of law. 

Shareholders/Unitholders Agreements and Buy/Sell Agreements

The relations between business partners in a company or trust should be regulated to ensure there are fair processes dealing with disputes, departure from the business whether voluntarily or due to unfortunate circumstances, how the business is valued and other issues. These can be dealt with in a shareholders or unit holders agreement.

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