Resolving Commercial Disputes

Business Disputes

The process is expensive, slow and very stressful.  It usually leads to a total breakdown in any relationship.  For these reasons we include various provisions in your contracts to deal with issues, like those outlined above.  We also make sure that you have a process to follow if you have a situation you can’t resolve.  If you don’t have any process for dealing with disputes then they can drag on, have a bad effect on your business, your health and your finances.

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If you are unsuccessful in negotiating a dispute, then you should have the right to instigate action such as delivering a Notice of Dispute, that will be a first step in leading to formal negotiation, mediation or arbitration.  For SME’s our preferred option is mediation after negotiation has failed.  This should be required before either party is permitted to commence Court action.


If you need help in dealing with a dispute then we would love to help you so just give us a call.  On the other hand, if you want to ensure you have the right provisions in your contracts then we can help with this too. For more information on internal business disputes amongst the partners of the business check out our page on Shareholders and Unit Holders Agreements.

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